Focus Pointe Global has broadened its solution set to include a full suite of CX services that build advocacy and protect brand reputation, including social media monitoring and text analytics, mystery shopping, guest recovery, customer intercepts, and more – all integrated into one technology and analytics platform.

FPG is providing these services through a partnership with Market Force Information, a leading global customer experience management company. FPG’s clients will benefit from the ability to access CX solutions that measure every aspect of the buying and product development lifecycle across both digital and physical environments. Predictive analysis for both soft metrics and hard financial KPIs will inform clients’ need to understand what matters most to customers, ROI,  and what opportunities exist for immediate change.

 “A deep understanding of customer sentiment is integral to the success of any company, and today’s customers are all about experiencing a brand rather than simply purchasing a product. We are very pleased to be offering our client base the best there is in customer experience measurement tools and analytics through our new partnership with Market Force Information.” said Laura Livers, Focus Pointe Global’s Chief Executive Officer. “An expanded suite of CX programs supplements FPG’s robust qualitative and quantitative marketing research data collection service offerings.”

“Our partnership with FPG allows us to offer online and in-person focus groups to our clients to provide insights before, during, or after the implementation of a key customer experience initiative,” said Market Force CEO Ray Walsh. “Aside from giving brands a wealth of data on the why behind consumers’ perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes, focus groups go a step further by enabling them to actually observe the consumers, which can be even more illuminating and powerful.”